Tommy  Leroy Thornton

Tommy is an eclectic pianist who sings and plays a wide range of repetoire including Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, R&B, Pop, and original songs all with his own unique style and personality. He began his long love affair with music as a boy listening to 45rpm singles produced by the artists of the 50's and 60's. He took his first piano lessons from the local piano teacher in a small town in Iowa.  He later attended the Cornish School of Performing Arts in Seattle, Wa. and did private study with several top performers in Seattle and in San Diego, Ca.

"Please check out some of my songs on the Listen to My Music page."  Thanks for stopping in!  Tommy
As well as Hotels, Clubs, Coffee Houses and Private Events Tom has performed solo and with others on Kalakaua Blvd in Waikiki!  Great Fun!